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Fully Functional Interface for LaSRS

from Encore Associates, Inc.

Encore’s answer for Healthcare Providers that are faced with the task of double entry for claim filing and statistical tracking.
Features Include:
  • Creation of Patient, Insurance, and Transaction data from LaSRS

  • Direct explicit posting of charges from LaSRS to our STAR products
  • Exclusion of specific procedures with unique situations
  • User-defined rounding for calculation of charge amounts
  • Preliminary consolidation of charges by day
  • Optional features include secondary consolidation and multi-entity

Encore/Bridge is Comprehensive. Procedure code data, pa​tient references, and provider setup is retained on-line for maintenance and re-pricing. Dynamic Cross-references allow the user to acknowledge special circumstances.

Encore/Bridge is Supported. Included in the ongoing software support and license fee is full access to Encore’s HELP Team. Users can call us (via an “800” number) and talk to a real person! They also have access to all standard insurance based software updates. (Note: Encore writes and owns all of its software so we don’t have to run down some programmer in another town to get an answer.)
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