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What is HHSS

Whether you are looking for powerful timesheet/payroll management or quick, reliable data entry, Encore’s HHSS, is built to meet your needs. Designed with your business in mind, Encore’s HHSS has something to offer your company at all levels. Encore HHSS’s fast, efficient data entry allows for a smoother workplace, while its robust reporting process helps increase overall company productivity. Encore HHSS’s comprehensive approach is a game changer and what makes HHSS a must have product for any medical office.

Features of HHSS

Fast, streamlined data entry

From start to finish, Encore HHSS’s speed and reliability allows your business to focus on what’s most important: Your Patients!

Timesheet management

Take control of your timesheets! Encore HHSS offers a range of options designed to give businesses the power to effectively maintain and manage timesheets.

Payroll Exporting

Are you currently using a separate payroll system? No problem. With Encore HHSS, you never miss a beat. Its payroll-exporting feature can be customized to provide accurate payroll exports to any existing payroll software.

Perfect for private pay  

In addition to being the best Medicaid/Medicare billing software around, Encore HHSS is optimized for private pay as well. No matter the insurance, carrier, or payer, HHSS can process it. No other product gives businesses the best of both worlds like HHSS does!

Powerful reporting

Never be in the dark again. Nestled within Encore HHSS is the most robust business-reporting suite available. Take advantage of the built-in reports or customize your own. The reporting capability of HHSS allows you to truly capture your business in a glance.


Encore HHSS is backed by the trusted support of Encore Inc. A LIVE help team agent is only a telephone call away. With a 2-hour response time, you are never alone with HHSS.

Claims Processing

Encore HHSS makes processing claims simpler than ever.  With just a few, simple clicks, HHSS delivers claims processing in the most efficient manner possible, while its intelligent error-checking system, minimizes the possibility of errors. With HHSS, speed and accuracy are standard!


Still not what you want? HHSS is fully customizable software. Just let Encore Inc. know what features you want in HHSS and Encore Inc. will work with you to make sure HHSS can fulfill all of your needs.